Cherish Rhodeback

Cherish Rhodeback


Cherish is both a mother and grandmother and holds a full time job leading educational development for a large healthcare system. She is also a master athlete that can preform the majority of CrossFit skills. She completes both strict and kipping pull-ups and has mastered rope climbs and hand stand pushups.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

I have always participated in athletic programs. I played basketball and softball during my youth. I began lifting weights and participating in aerobics while in high school. I was an aerobics instructor while in college. I have always enjoyed working out and trying new things. I enjoy a challenge and love CrossFit.

Turning Point

I won’t say that there was really a turning point for me. I have always loved working out and pushing myself. However, for the majority of my life my reason for doing so was to be skinny… not fit, healthy or strong. I really didn’t understand nutrition and it’s impact on my results and capabilities. After my first daughter was born and I began to reclaim my body I spent a great deal of time educating myself about exercise and nutrition. That is really when I shifted my mindset from being skinny to being healthy and fit. That was 23 years ago and I still try to learn and grow in this area. I didn’t discover CrossFit until about 7 years ago, but it has definitely raised the bar for me across the entire spectrum. I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been.

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching CrossFit because I enjoy helping others realize they to can become healthier, stronger and more fit. I enjoy teaching others how to experience and enjoy small successes and motivating and encouraging them to continue along that path. I may not always be able to lift the most or run the fastest, but I continue to gain master new skills and improve daily, muscle ups… I am coming for you! I want others to see that you can have a career, raise a family and still invest in yourself. I want to help others find this balance and give them the tools to do so.

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