Clifton Bennett

Clifton Bennett



Clifton have been in the fitness industry since 2004 and have logged over 17,000 sessions. He's passionate about helping people reach their goals and stay active as they age and life’s priorities change.

Having fought back through injuries Clifton understands how training impacts your life and how you have to learn to persevere through adversity. This has been instrumental in his training and how he approach training clients.

Turning Point

"No one is always going to feel their best and want to train, but everyone has the ability to work through it and become better as a result" this is what Clifton believes and works with each client to reach their goal.

Motivation & Passion

Clifton love sharing how good life can be if you live limitlessly by training and staying at the top of your game whether you are a weekend warrior or a stay at home mom. <br /> Everyone has a place and a purpose and that can be better with fitness!

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