Lee Harne

Lee Harne


Sub 3 minute Fran time

Back Squat 450lbs

Snatch 240 lbs,

Getting my first muscle up and double-unders was an awesome feeling.



About Lee

Lee has always been active and in sports since childhood. His dad taught him the mechanics of golf and baseball at 5 years old. His dad also taught him that there is always a winner and a loser and that it feels a lot better to win than to lose, so Lee was and always will be very competitive in any sport always wanting to win. Lee played baseball, football, golf, and wrestled in middle and high school. He went to college in Athens, Ga, and got a job at the local gym where he fell in love with fitness and it became his newfound “sport.” He always felt that competitive edge was missing until he discovered CrossFit. Lee remembers his first workout with Clifton and how hard it was and how bad Clifton beat him in the workout. It was that moment he had found his new sport and wanted to be the best he possibly could and beat Clifton in a workout one day. Now, Lee and Clifton go back and forth between who wins each workout and that is what he loves most about CrossFit Adrenaline. There is always someone there that can beat you and give you that competition but also hold you accountable for getting to the boxing day in and day out so you can become the best version of yourself.

Turning Point

Lee found CrossFit at a rough time in his life and he believes that CrossFit Adrenaline, Clifton, and the community are the main reason he is where he is today. Before CrossFit, Lee was in a rut for a while after moving back home from college and not finding a good steady job he wanted, he worked in landscaping as he’d always done. Lee also went down the wrong path of life until around the age of 25 when he decided he was tired of living that way. One day he was cutting grass at CrossFit Adrenaline and noticed how fit and happy the people there were and couldn’t help but want the same. Not long after that Clifton called Lee up and got him to come in and work out and do a “ramp-up” class with him. The rest is history! 6 years later Lee has been coaching for 5 years at Adrenaline and also became a firefighter in 2017. Lee knows that CrossFit changed his life not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well

Motivation & Passion

Lee’s purpose for coaching is watching people come in on day 1 doubting themselves and barely making it through a 10-minute workout. Then, seeing that same person 1 year later down 30-50 lbs smiling and having more confidence than they ever thought they could have. Lee loves to see people succeed the way he did in CrossFit because he knows the sense of pride you feel when you accomplish what you thought was impossible.

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