Robert Cox

Robert Cox


Back Squat 405

Deadlift 490

Clean and Jerk 245




About Robert

Robert has been in a gym setting in one way or another since 2010. He has always been fairly active, from riding bicycles, running, or lifting. Since 2015 He has been participating in group training and started coaching a cross-training type class in 2018. He has been a coach at Crossfit Adrenaline since March of 2020.

Turning Point

Robert played multiple sports in school, but after school, life happened. Work, kids, etc… At 30 he decided to start back into the gym in order to change the way he felt every day.

Motivation & Passion

He thrives on watching people grow and excel in athletic ability, strength, and confidence. The journey is his favorite part and he is grateful that people trust him to be a part of their process. He is a firm believer that the fundamental movements that we use here every day will help you in your everyday life.

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